Floridana Tropical Plants
Vriesea splendens

This genus has its name after the Dutch botanist W De Vriese

Vrieseas inhabit the tropical zones of Mexico, Central America, and South America with the majority of species being native to Brazil. They have adapted to a variety of altitudes ranging from sea-level to 3500 m. They thrive in the shade at a high humidity in mist or rainforests, epiphytic on bushes and trees, as well as terrestrial in permeable humus ground.

Being a genus of the subfamily Tillandsioideae, they produce spineless leaves with entire margins. In most vrieseas, the tank rosette is formed out of flexible, green often glabrous, or broad, stiff leaves. This physique enables them to store water for a certain period. Water and nutrients ar preferably absorbed through the leaves since the roots primarily serve as adhesion organs.

A vast majority of the species is cultivated in the semi-shade, mesic, and in shallow pots. Stale air obstructs growth and some of them require a lot of light or even a sunny place.
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