Floridana Tropical Plants
Nidularium fulgens

The name is derived from the Latin word nidulus, which means "small nest". It refers to the inflorescence, which in most species is "nestled" into the rosette, just like Neoregelia and Canistrum. Also, with their flat rosettes, these genera resemble each other.

Since they do not require so much light they are well suited for the home and winter gardens. They love warm temperatures, moist and semi-shady. It is vital that the rosette, as well as the growing medium do not dry out.

Nidulariums produce moderately large to large rosettes consisting of numerous leaves. During their long flowering period, thecolorful primary bracts which hold spikes of three to seven flowers, are very impressive. The red, blue, or white petals are large and numerous and appear slowly one after the other.

Some species develop violet or blue berries which together with the colorful primary bracts provide a decorative appearance for a long time.

To date, approximately 60 species, varieties, and forms are known which all occur in the rain forests of eastern Brazil and along the Atlantic coast down to Southern Brazil. They grow on or close to the ground and even flourish in shady places.
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