Floridana Tropical Plants
Aechmea 'Little Harv'

Aechmea is a large genus of over 200 species. They are all epiphytic tank-forming plants mostly with broad rosettes of arching bow-shaped leaves; a few are tubular like billbergias. The strap-shaped leaves range from ridged to soft, glossy to scaly, and may be boldly colored with bands, stripes, or spots. The leaves have sharp teeth on the margins. Some inflorescences are round in cross section and others are loosely branched. Most are on a long stem that may be erect to pendent. They bear large, brilliant bracts that hold their color from several weeks to two to three months. The flowers are often of a different color from the bracts, and the color combinations are almost endless. Many species also have brilliant red or blue berry-like fruit. Most are very easy to grow.

Light: Most aechmeas with stiff leaves and prominent spines such as Aechmea fasciata need bright light, but they can grow satisfactorily under low intensity. Under low light they may grow but they will be weak and may never bloom. Aechmeas with soft leaves such as racinae or discolor leaves (purple undersides) as Victoriana and Foster's Favorite, generally will do better under lower, diffuse light.

Temperature: In general, the hard leafed species are more cold hardy; a few will tolerate below freezing for a short time.
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