Floridana Tropical Plants

Fiddlewood is a great choice for a large shrub or small tree. Found in coastal pinelands and hammocks from Brevard County south across the southern peninsula, fiddlewood offers something for everyone: abundant white flowers, fabulous fragrance, clusters of fruit for the birds and big glossy green leaves. Fiddlewood is drought, salt and wind tolerant. Can take temperature in the high 20's.

Older specimens in natural areas may reach 30 feet high, but in the planted landscape, most plants range from 8-15 feet with a somewhat smaller spread. Slow growing, fiddlewood tolerates full sun to partial shade in dry soils. Fiddlewood is naturally full and shrubby in appearance.

Fiddlewood's flowers and fruit make it a great choice for wildlife habitat planting. A variety of flying insects nectar on the flowers in spring, at precisely the time that birds need these insects to feed their young. The fruits are at first light green with a blush of russet, turning orange brown and then purplish black.
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