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Members of the genus Billbergia can usually be recognized by the form of the rosette, which has only a few leaves and is most often tubular, or at least narrowly vase-shaped. The spine edged leaves are often spotted or banded with complex patterns of bright colors, especially the newer hybrids. Many have spectacular inflorescences, but they are rarely grown for that reason because they stay colorful for barely two weeks.

They are also among the easiest bromeliads to grow. Try them in hanging containers because they tend to look their best when viewed from below. Light shining through the leaves from above makes them particularly beautiful and the pendulous flower spikes will be easy to see. Billbergias are generous puppers and will easily make a good clump of plants even in a small pot.

Light: High light to develop good color & form.
Temperature: Tolerate temperature extremes. 25 to 115 degrees
Feeding: Fertilize infrequently and minimally

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