Floridana Tropical Plants

Although only a few species belong to the genus Ananas, the pineapple is the best know member of the bromeliads. Most people are not familiar with the terms bromeliad, yet everyone knows what pineapples are. Consequently, bromeliads are often referred to as pineapple plants.

Columbus brought the first pineapples to Europe in 1493, when he returned from his second voyage to America. The delicious fruit soon gained much attention. Today, it is grown throughout all tropical regions of the world.

Most varieties and cultivars have spiny leaves. However, there is a variety of A. comosus which resembles a miniature bromeliad. When separated from the fruit, it will take root when place in sandy soil and kept at approximately 77 degrees F.

Most species of Ananas are expansive, very spiny, and need plenty of light. Thus, they are not quite suitable for cultivation in winter gardens or green houses.

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